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Before the Holiday Rush - Refresh Your Knowledge of Your Coverage!

Whether you are a brand-new member or a long-time member of the NACA, using your benefit of can save you countless dollars over each year, but understanding how to keep your insurance coverage intact is vital in the process - especially during the holidays and the uptick in shipment counts across all carriers.

We enjoy a mutually respectful relationship with our valued members. That means we all work together to ensure that the insurance rates remain affordable, our member base (consisting of wide ranges of people who ship high value/irreplaceable items) are properly and fully protected. Peace of mind is quite a valuable asset.

Knowing the simple insurer requirements, details within your policy and understanding what is behind the pro-active stance we take with our members will keep you from having unfortunate results should you need to file a claim.

The basic requirements for coverage are:

  • Double boxing (if not a crated or strongbox shipment) - We do not cover envelopes of any kind. Envelopes are very high risk and easy to disappear or get caught in sorting equipment. The insurers will not approve ANY claims involving envelopes being used as shipping containers. Do not use them if you are insuring the shipment (saving a few dollars on the front end is not worth a claim being denied by the insurer).
  • Signature Required - If you are shipping to a business address, we highly recommend using the general signature required option to avoid a specific employee not being present to sign causing a return to the carrier's location for a second attempt at delivery (many shipments get lost if that happens). If shipping to a residential address, we highly recommend you use either adult or direct signature required as it involves an ID. Not using the adult or direct options available allows anyone to sign (neighbors, 8-year-olds, joggers passing by, etc).
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Further information we provide, proactively, to keep our members' assets protected while keeping them off the insurers' radar:

We love being your behind-the-scenes cheerleaders for your success! As we approach this holiday season, we encourage you to stay safe, be protected and be heavily blessed.

Warmest Regards,
The Entire Team at