ShipandInsure Newsletter

The North American Collectibles Association (NACA) Announces Launch of Their New Website!

The North American Collectibles Association (NACA) is happy to officially announce the launch of their new website, designed to be easy on the eyes and user friendly.

Visitors, prospective members and applicants will find it easier to navigate than ever before (so there's another reason to refer your colleagues so they can save money and be properly covered!).

The new platform provides a comprehensive list of NACA membership benefits and an easy-to-use NACA membership application.

One must be an NACA member to take advantage of any of the NACA exclusive benefits:

  • Access to customized Inventory Coverage for Dealers
  • Access to customized Individual Collections Policy
  • Access to
  • Member exclusive FedEx Discount Program (up to 80% off shipping!)
  • Discounts on resource partners' products

If you (or your associates/colleagues):

  • Do not have coverage on an inventory and/or collection
  • Have not comparison shopped for shipping and/or inventory insurance within the last 2-3 years
Screenshot of the new NACA website

Then we encourage you to call the office at (877) 393-5310 to request an application. Your customized inventory/collection quote will be provided within 2 business days!

The most comprehensive coverage and the most financially advantageous options available for your unique situation is a top priority when calculating a quote for you.

FUN FACT: Armored car and company car coverages are available through both as well as through inventory policy holder endorsements.

The NACA will always work to be sure that you are neither overpaying nor undercovering your valuables. Honesty, respect and reliability matter to us and our valued customers!

We appreciate your business!