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HexcelPack provides all-paper environmentally friendly products that outperform its plastic alternatives for wrapping, void fill, and mailers, in both store use and retail. All our products are curbside recyclable. You can expect:

  • Superior cushioning.
  • Faster packing.
  • Eliminate taping.
  • Drastically reduce storage space.
  • To make your customers happier!

HexcelPack products are better for the environment and will dissolve in any water in days. They are also 100% recyclable and are from the most sustainable product in the world - paper! Our paper is made from the waste product of Canadian lumber mills and use the bark to heat the paper mill; they do not clear cut, allowing the animals to thrive. Canada is renowned for its sustainable forests and exceptional long paper fiber. The space savings in the truck also reduces the carbon footprint.

To companies and consumers alike, going green is becoming increasingly more important — this is where we can help you excel.

Taking Inventory

Our wrapping product, called HexcelWrap, is intuitive to use dispensed with the Mini Packing Station that never wears out. We have over 35,000 units in the field worldwide in the top three e-commerce companies. The dispensers are easy to load and easy to get started. HexcelPack will never leak like plastic substitutes.

Photo of Hexcel Pack packaging Hexcel Pack logo

Void Fill

Our HexaFil void fill product is exceptional for small to medium sized boxes that require exceptional cushioning as compared to the plastic and paper alternatives. Used in conjunction with HexcelWrap, the items interlock for a secure package and it has been found to reduce breakage up to 50% vs. using traditional packing materials. Our customers ship the most fragile and expensive glassware.