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FedEx Advantage Discounts

As Customer Relations, I am all about solid information that makes our customer's lives easier and less expensive. Hence, my choosing this topic for our first quarterly newsletter - the NEW FedEx Discount Program.

We would like to remind all of our valued NACA members that we have renegotiated our FedEx Discount Program! If you have been an NACA member for longer than a year and haven't switched over to the new and improved discount program, you will want to do so!

The new rates are as follows for those who have filled out the new form:

FedEx Express Billing Options:

  • Priority Overnight Packages - 50% discount
  • Standard Overnight Packages - 50% discount
  • 2 Day - 50% discount
  • International - 50% discount

FedEx Ground Billing - 25% discount

*NEW* FedEx Freight Shipping - 80% discount

(If you are not sure of your Certificate/Policy Number, call in! We'll be happy to give it to you!)

Even if FedEx isn't your primary carrier, it is worth the 2-3 minutes it takes to attach your FedEx account number with your NACA membership number. Why? Read on...

We know that each of our NACA members have unique situations and needs. Here is just one example of what you can save by combining the parcel insurance and the FedEx Discount Program:

John Smith from the East Coast has a shipment of collectibles valued at $10,000. He would like to ship them to his chosen grading company on the West Coast. He chooses to ship it FedEx 2-Day and is signed up for the new program. Let's see what his costs are to do so:

FedEx 2-Day shipping = $28.19 (without the FedEx Discount Program, this would have been $56.38) insurance = $26.00 (This varies among carriers, but their cost - which is "declared value" and is NOT insurance - ranges from $1 to $4.60+ for every $100 over $300, so at the very minimum, this would be $100 for the same package if they insure the actual contents within the package - have you read the small print?)

Total shipping plus insurance expense as an NACA member using and their FedEx Discount Program = $54.19 (versus the least expensive example of carrier insurance plus full price shipping = $156.38)

What would you be able to do with the $102.19 that you would save per shipment?

Only you can crunch your own numbers as the collector/dealer/business owner/manufacturer/artist that you are. Your options for shipping can be found right on the home page, along with the rates, maximums, limits and a handy rates calculator!

Watch for our next newsletter, when I discuss something just as useful and ponderous!

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Annissa Bollin
Customer Relations