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Masterpak's Titan StrongBox® has been protecting framed and unframed Fine Art in transit for thirty years. It's an efficient and affordable solution to address the needs of art shipment, is quick and easy to customize, packs and seals in minutes, and is reusable. Double-wall corrugate-based, with puncture resistant shields and three layers of foam cushioning, it spares the expense and weight of crating, offers quality protection, and lighter shipping weight at lower cost. Titan Strong Boxes are available in multiple sizes.

Masterpak also offers a full line of archivally-based protective wraps, films, papers, and rolling tubes to artists, collectors and dealers, and the conservation, museum and logistics community, serving as the exclusive purveyor of OzClips® hanging and crating hardware, the Titan StrongBox®, and the PrintPak® for flat art and print shipment.

The Titan StrongBox packing system and materials are designed expressly for shipping, but can be used for storage for up to thirty days.

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