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HexcelPack™ is the world leader in manufacturing innovative, cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions for industrial and retail industries. Created by the inventor of slit paper technology, HexcelPack’s™ wide range of cushioning products are made from the most sustainable resource in the world: Paper.

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HexcelPack has received many international patents and pending patents for its innovative, sustainable packaging solutions, all of which utilize its expanded paper in an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to achieve optimal cushioning and packaging simplicity in the industrial and retail markets.

The basis of HexcelPack products is its slit paper technology, which turns a piece of paper into a three-dimensional cushioning product by slitting it at the correct angle. This method makes the paper flex, maximize its volume and utilize the strength and stiffness of the paper fibers to create an effective cushioning product that replaces traditional bubble, peanuts and other paper-based packaging products while effectively reducing product damage by up to 50%.

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