Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Packages?

Ain't no one got time for that! Especially when the packages you've been waiting for contain fragile or expensive cargo. Even if it's a shipment of rubber ducks, it's still frustrating when you don't receive what you paid for. If the carrier isn't going to ensure the safety of your parcel who will? Well, shipping insurance with USPS, FedEx, or UPS can help you feel safe and secure that you package will be delivered safely every time. Many people think they don't need it, but wish they had it once something terrible happens. The following is an infographic about how shipping companies get around paying your insurance claims. You'll be surprised to find what exactly is included in the fine print and how companies get around paying for lost, damaged, or stolen parcels.

No one wants to spend the time to read all the fine print included in the terms of service, so we did! Ship and Insure is excited to reveal this investigative infographic that's sure to get you thinking. The next time you order something online, or ship anything to a friend or family member, think about purchasing parcel insurance before you check out online or put that care package in the mail. To help you remember, pin this now, send it to your online shopaholic friends, and blog about your personal shipping horror stories.

A staggering three billion packages are lost and damaged every year. Don't fall victim to routing errors, package theft, or package damage. Online shipping insurance can be the difference between a broken product and a happy customer. Be proactive and purchase parcel insurance before any shipping issues ruin delicate irreplaceable cargo forever!

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How Shipping Companies Get Around Paying Your Insurance Claims

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Weary about receiving a package on time and in mint condition after being sent through a shipping company? Afraid your package will be ruined in the process? Can't afford to have valuables lost or stolen by the delivery person or neighbors? Concerns like these are something we all think about when sending or receiving a parcel that contains delicate and priceless cargo. Thankfully, though, online shipping insurance can be purchased for all three of the big name shipping companies for all your online purchases. Many times these companies claim that they insure their shipments; however, many times the fine print falls short of the expectation of the customer. And while it's true that no one really wants to spend time to read the fine print, it's important to understand these things before shipping with any carrier. Instead of reading the small print, parcel insurance can be purchased to ensure quality shipping of that package.

The above infographic details the horror stories that can happen when a carrier mishandles your parcel. By creating this content, we can help protect the public from terrible shipment mishaps that can prove costly for the customer receiving the package. Shipping companies usually do not guarantee their shipments and many people do not know what is and isn't included in the fine print. We read the small font and outlined what the shipping companies cover in their insurance and how these shipping companies get around paying your insurance claims for damaged and lost parcels. Statistics and other shocking information highlight the horror stories of what can happen to a package when in route from one place to its final destination. Lastly, it concludes with ten packaging tips that can help keep your parcels safe in the hands of shipping carriers. This information is important to have so that the public can better protect themselves and the things they send through a shipping provider.

Shipping insurance can be purchased for everything that you're buying online or planning on shipping to others. Whether your parcel has a distant destination or a close one, it's imperative to protect yourself especially when shipping valuables, collectables, gemstones, rare and vintage items, artifacts, and coins. No one wants these items to make their way into the wrong hands or worse yet, damaged with no possibility of repair. For overseas shipments, international shipping insurance is essential because of the distance your package will be traveling. Regardless of where or what you're shipping, making sure you protect your cargo is a necessity. Therefore, this infographic must be saved and shared so that the public can ship with confidence that their package will make it to the proper destination without any damage to the contents. Don't fall victim to lost or damaged goods you receive through shipping companies—insure your shipments every time with a 3rd party shipping insurance company!